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With its 20-years of production experience gained at health sector was gathered under a single roof with the name of “Erpomed”. Erpomed, which adopted human health and enviromental protection as a principle, serve in hospital furnitures sector in Turkey. Turning its past experience into totally new solutions with today’s conditions and technology, Erpomed always find progressive solutions at healthcare field.

With its 20 years of experience and technological infrastructure in the sector,Erpomed produces high technology in hospital equipment sector by bringing sure-footed, human-focused designs and engineering to health field. There are all kinds of hospital furniture including manual beds and bed linen, patient beds, intensive care beds and sickliners and manual and electronic hospital furniture in a wide range of products produced by expert staff. Patient beds manufactured by Erpomed are produced according to IEC 60601-2-52 standards.

Erpomed has a wide range of products being manufactured by its expert staff, including all kinds of hospital furniture including manual beds, patient bed, intensive care beds and sickliners, as well as delivery beds, operating room transfer sedans, and hospital beds.

The Erpomed logo, which is a visual assurance of 20 years of experience and technology, is a demonstration of how Erpomed is producing progressive and lasting solutions in the field of healthcare. The three lines in our logo shows that how ergonomics, accessibility and aesthetics we are. Descriptions for yellow means that quality service being used here. The blue used in the name of Erpomed describes the high success and reliability of the equipment produced by advanced technology. All of our products have TS EN 13485: 2012, TSE EN ISO 9001: 2008, TSE EN ISO 14001: 2004, CE, TSE HYB certificates in terms of quality policy. We are progressing with our labors improvement policy and our efforts are continuing.

Erpomed is enhancing its brand value and experience even more with technical team specialized by studying about hospital equipments and furnitures. High technology is utilized about production of all equipments and furnitures that are used at hospitals. Erpomed, which is following closely the high tech production line, detailed quality control system, and sector requirements, is working with its expert staff to be able to produce the most qualified solutions. All of the products which are being produced are tested a lot in terms of ergonomi and usefulness before being transported to the consumer. So, equipment productions are sustained without going far from the basic principle os human health and comfort. All hospital equipments manufactured by Erpomed are produced as environmentally friendly.

Brand Erpomed serves in this sector not only in production field but in technical service as well. With our experienced specialist team in the field, we provide usage training of products specifically for hospital employees. Thus, we extend the life of our products by making them consciously used.

We are carrying out our sectoral regional and geographical leadership, which we regard as Erpomed, with confident steps towards world leadership. Erpomed Hospital Equipments San. Tic. Ltd. Şti, we will always be here to produce "Comfortable Living Solutions" as we wrote in our slogan.

Erpomed has made it a principle to produce comfortable living solutions. Our Logo is also inspired by this basic principle. Accessibility, ergonomics and aesthetics are what the three lines in Logo tell. Accessibility; It expresses that our products can be easily accessed and used by all persons in the direction of our aim of making lives of patients and patient caregivers easier and more livable.

Ergonomics; The word means to make the physical environment suitable for human life. In our products we produce, we keep the frontline that patients can adapt to the products. In this way, both patients and caregivers can get the most benefit from the solutions produced. Aesthetic; In our products, we keep not only physical benefits but also spiritual benefits Yellow is known as the emergency color in the healthcare industry. It is also a symbol of attention and passion. We know your needs for aesthetic, ergonomic and accessible products, and we produce high technology hospital equipments to meet your needs.

Blue color is also preferred in our logo. Blue is a color that symbolizes loyalty, success, reliability, order and calm.

The main meaning that the blue adds to our logos is success and reliability. It’s also e explain the reliability of all our equipment and furniture that we produce using advanced technology.

We are honored to provide quality service and we are proud to share our gains with you.

As Erpomed, we trust ourselves and the future. It is our brand’s basic principle to enhance our brands and products economically, environmentally, and socially on every place we give service in order to provide a better future. It is the most important part of our vision to be able to create sustainable value and beneficial studies for humans.

  • Being among the top three companies in the medical sector, which is the main target of our corporate identity since the day we were established.
  • By embracing our job best and being based on the principle of honesty, carrying on our activities.
  • Our principles of honesty, consistency, and clearness that we accepted them as fundamental in our relations we had, will continue to be fundamental in our future relations, too.
  • As a pleasure-oriented and reliable business partner, making our mission permanent.
  • Making both our brand and our team open to new developments.
  • Proceeding to giving service to our customers toward win win motto.
  • Proceeding our highly reliable business relation that we constitued for our customers and employees.
  • Continuing our mission of being a company which is respectful to ecological values and environment and natüre-friendly.
  • As a learner company, following the technological developments closely.
  • Gathering necessities of our creativity and developing technology.
  • Being a power that is able to create competition in our counrty about service and product at health sector.
  • Acting a part in the future of health industry in Turkey and preparing our productive potential with our scientific efforts as added-value to our country.
  • Finding solutions to our country’s social issues by contributing to social responsibility projects.

It is our basic principle making contribution to supply a better and more liveable atmosphere for future generations by taking our experience and fund of knowledge that we have gained for years at health sector further. We make no concessions about our principle of honesty while carrying out accomplishedly the responsibility we took. We are aware of our patients’ troubles and hospital employees and help them to overcome with the solutions we offer. As a firm giving service steadily, we build steady business relations with our business partners. We maintain this relationship perspicuously upon mutual respect. Providing health service at much better conditions is one of our basic principles. For this reason, we aim to make production of products and services that will make patients’ life better permanent.

  • We find qualified solutions giving particular importance to human health and happiness.
  • By optimizing the medical equipments and furniture designs for patients and nurses, we aim to provide the patients and nurses to take the best advantage of them.
  • We embrace the mission which is finding more useful solutions for our customers by presenting first class and well-priced products with privatized technical equipment and technological support.
  • We contribute to improvement of Turkey’s economy by providing added value to our country with our domestic and foreign productions.
  • We extend the life span of our products by providing usage training to hospital staff with our expert technical team and contribute to the country's economy.