What is Fowler Position?
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What is Fowler Position?
  • 21 Apr 2021 Wednesday

What is Fowler Position?

In medicine, the Fowler position is a standard patient position in which the patient sits in a semi-sitting position (45-60 degrees) with their knees bent or straight.

Fowler’s position includes angles between 30 and 90 degrees. “Variations in angle are indicated by a high fowler that shows an upright position at about 90 degrees; Fowler, which indicates an angle between 45 and 60 degrees; a half fowler, 30 to 45 degrees; and a low Fowler with the head slightly raised.”

It is an intervention used to promote oxygenation with maximum breast enlargement and is applied in cases of respiratory distress. Fowler’s position relaxes the tension of the abdominal muscles and allows better breathing. In sedentary patients and infants, Fowler’s position relieves chest compression caused by gravity.

Fowler’s position improves comfort during eating and other activities, is used to improve uterine drainage in postpartum women and in infants when there are signs of respiratory distress. Fowler’s position is also used when administering oral or nasal gastric feeding tubes, as it minimizes the risk of aspiration. The effect of gravitational pull helps peristalsis and swallowing.