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Why Erpomed®?

Erpomed increases its brand value and experience more and more every day with its technical team that specializes in the work done on hospital equipment and furniture. Latest technology is used in the production of all equipment and furniture used in hospitals. Erpomed, which closely follows the production line with the latest technology, detailed quality control system and the needs of the industry, works to produce the highest quality solutions with its expert staff.

All of the products that are being produced are subjected to many tests in terms of ergonomics and benefit before they are delivered to the end user. Thus, equipment production is carried out without departing from the main objective of human health and comfort. All hospital equipment produced by Erpomed is produced as environmentally friendly.

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As Erpomed Health Equipment Industry and Trade Ltd Company, we increase our export share in the world market and grow with confident steps with our 25 years of production experience.

While working to the demands and markets by focusing on people, we offer quality products at very competitive prices and we manage our actions on this principle in honesty and transparency.

Erpomed; protects the companies and people it works in transportation and logistics and always supports spare parts.

Erpomed's goal is to be an innovative, transparent, honest, world brand that empowers its companies with reliable teamwork.

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